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This tour is designed for travelers who seek to go deep into Jogja’s Country side and witness first hand the daily life of rural rice farmers and craftsmen. This tour is guaranteed to be a memorable adventure. We pick you up at your hotel by A/C van and drop off to starting point or combine to the other tour.
1.Kaliadem downhill cycling tour
2.Cycling tour to Prambanan Temple
3.Borobudur village tour combine with Borobudur sunrise or Borobudur tour.

TOUR CODE Description  Adult Children under 6 yrs  Start-Finish Duration
BSJBB-001A Prambanan Cycling Excluded Lunch 75 60 Prambanan Temple- Prambanan Temple 3 hours
 BSJBB-001B Kalasan Cycling Excluded Lunch 75 60 Kalasan Temple- Prambanan Temple 3 hours
 BSJBB-001C Merapi Cycling Included Lunch at Kaliopak Resto 80 70 Kaliadem Village- Prambanan Temple 5 hours
 BSJBB-001D Borobudur sunrise – Village tour by cycling Included Lunch at local house 100 100 Borobudur Temple-Candire Village 5 hours
 BSJBB-001 Borobudur Temple (07.00-17.00) – Village tour by cycling Included Lunch at local house 90  80 Borobudur Temple-Candire Village 5 hours


•The rates is quote in US Dollar minimum 2 persons ( 2GO )
•The rates included round trip hotel transport, Fresh face towel, mineral water, clean bath towel, Local Guide.
•The rates are subject to change without prior notice


Description :

Merapi  Mt. via Kaliadem to Prambanan cycle ride


This is a great way to enjoy Gunung Merapi via Kaliadem village. From the Kaliadem village you will hopefully enjoy a magnificent view of this very active volcano and see the ravines which the molten streams of lava created. Then go down for cycle ride through some beautiful central Javanese countryside and sleepy villages. The guide will get you geared up on your bikes (helmets and water provided). As you pass through the various villages and countryside you will have plenty of opportunities to stop for photos and your guide will also be able to show you the locals engaging in various activities such as tobacco harvesting, rice farming and snake fruit plantations. You will also stop at various small temples that are regularly unearthed in the area and you can see the original carvings which may date back as far as the 8th century. Once you have reached the plains at the bottom of Merapi you will reach Candi Plaosan, just a short distance from Prambanan. 

Candi Plaosan was not only one of the last major Buddhist temples to be constructed before Hinduism and then Islam became the dominant religions but it was also the largest in scope. Because of its somewhat isolated location, this temple complex has not received the same level of interest and care that has befallen central Java’s more famous temples of Borobudur and Prambanan. 

However, those willing to venture a bit off the beaten path will find a visit to Candi Plaosan to be well worth the effort. The complex itself is made up of 174 small buildings, 116 are stupas and 58 are shrines. Many of the buildings have inscriptions dating from the 9th century and the detailed reliefs, restored in 2010, are incredible to see. The huge Prambanan complex was built in the middle of the 9th century, about 50 years after the construction of Borobudur. Unfortunately there is very little early history about the complex but it is thought to have been constructed to commemorate the return of a Hindu dynasty to Java. It is thought that during the latter stages of construction a powerful earthquake or volcanic eruption struck central Java causing many deaths. This was believed to be a message from the Gods and Prambanan was quickly abandoned as the population fled to east Java.  Similar to Borobudur the temple complex lay buried in layers of ash and it was only in 1811 that a surveyor in the service of Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, came upon the temples by chance. Despite their rediscovery Prambanan remained neglected for decades until reconstruction was started in earnest in the 1930s. In 1991 the temple complex was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site and now most of the temples within the inner compound have been restored however work remains on going following an earthquake in 2006. Although there are 237 temples in the Prambanan site the inner compound contains the most beautiful and best restored. The relief panels found on these temples are of incredible detail and the 47 metre high Shiva temple in the central compound is a real master of construction. Shiva is known as the Destroyer and inside the temple are several chambers containing statues of Shiva and other Hindu Gods related to Shiva. Either side of the Shiva temple are two other temples dedicated to Brahma the Creator and Vishnu the Keeper. Also visit to tofu home industry closed to Plaosan temple. 

Please note the route is largely downhill so a high level of physical fitness is not required, however these small roads can have heavy traffic so keep your wits about you, your guide will be with you all the time and your vehicle will be following. 

Lunch will be taken near Prambanan at Kaliopak Resto and can be done before or after the temple visit just let your guide know when you would prefer.


Price : USD 100,-/person  Minimun 2 persons

Included :

  1. AC transportation
  2. English Speaking Guide
  3. Mountain Bike
  4. 1 X Lunch, Miniral Water
  5. Entrance Fees : Kaliadem, Prambanan, Plaosan
  6. Parking Fees.


Time schedule :

09.00-09.30 Start Warung Bakso – Pasar Ikan photo stop enroute via jalan kampong
09.30-09.45 Pasar Ikan on visit
09.45-10.00 Pasar Ikan to Morangan Temple
10.00-12.00 Morangan – Plaosan stop at Pembuatan Batu Bata, Pengeringan Tembakau, dan Pasar Traditional, Pabrik Tahu via jalan kampong
12.00-12.30 Plaosan temple on visit
12.30-12.40 Plaosan to Kaliopak Resto ( Cycling finish at Kaliopak Resto ) 
12.40-13.40 Lunch at Kalipoak Resto 
13.40-13.50 Kalipoak Resto to Prambanan
13.50-15.00 Prambanan temple on visit
15.00-16.00 Back to Hotel


Sunrise at Borobudur and visit to Candirejo village

You will leave your hotel at around 03.30am and be driven the 1 hours or so to the 8th century Buddhist relic of Borobudur. Find yourself a quiet spot to sit and wait for the sun to rise over the horizon enjoying the serene and spiritual atmosphere that seems to have infiltrated every rock. As you look out to the hills and forests surrounding you it isn’t hard to imagine how explorers must have felt when they stumbled out of the forest in 1814 to find such a sight lost to the world for almost 500 years. The awe-inspiring monument features the largest and most complete
collection of Buddhist relief sculptures on the walls of its seven terraces - all of which detail the story of Buddhist cosmology. It was thought to take 75 years to complete and although it’s exact purpose is still unclear it was evidently a shrine to Lord Buddha and guide to the noble path of the Buddha. It is thought that Borobudur was abandoned following the 14th century decline of Buddhist and Hindu kingdoms in Java, and the Javanese conversion to Islam. It was then completely covered in a deep layer of volcanic ash following the eruption of nearby Mount Merapi and worldwide knowledge of its existence was only sparked in 1814 by Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, the then British ruler of Java. Three kilometres to the east of Borobudur is Candi Mendut. This Buddhist temple was built in 824AD by King Indera of the Cailendra dynasty. There are some wonderful scriptures on the walls and the architecture is fascinating - well worth a visit before you leave the area. On your return from Borobudur you will stop to see a local village at work. Perched in a valley beside a river, the village of Candijero has a great setting and you will explore on the back of a horse and cart. It has numerous cottage industries you can see as well as the opportunity to meet some of the locals. You may see people tending the fields, making noodles or tofu for market and constructing small hand crafted souvenirs.
The village works with a local tourism initiative and this is a good way to provide a small amount of extra income for the local population. The smiles and waves you receive from everyone you pass are a sight to treasure and the rural atmosphere is a refreshing change from in Java’s normally crowded towns and cities.

Price : USD 100,-/person  Minimun 2 persons


Included : 

  1. AC transportation
  2. English Speaking Guide
  3. Cycling in Candirejo Village or Andong ( Horse Chart )
  4. 1 X Lunch, Miniral Water
  5. Entrance Fees : Borobudur sunrise via Manohara and Candirejo Village, Pawon Mendut
  6. Parking Fees.

Time schedule :
03.30 pick up from Yogyakarta hotels area transfer to Borobudur
04.30 arrive in at Manohara Hotel, get the ticket and climb up to enjoy the sunrise on Borobudur temple.
05.00 the Sunrise and see the magnificent panoramic view around the Borobudur temple
06.00 visit Borobudur temple
07.00 Back to Manohara Hotel for morning coffee or Tea
08.00 Drive to Pawon and Mendut Temple
08.15 Explore Pawon andMendut Temple
10.00 Drive to Candirejo Village
10.15 Explore Candirejo Village on the back of a horse and cart
12.00 Lunch at local House at Candirejo Village Back to Yogyakarta by visit Mendut temple
13.00 Back to Yogyakarta Hotel
14.00 Arrived at Hotel in jogjakarta end of service


159 + 2 = ?

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